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Cyber – the big opportunity for insurance investors

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The risk of cyber attacks is one of the few risks where the demand for insurance exceeds the supply. Despite the apparent opportunity, many traditional and alternative reinsurers have been reluctant to embrace this line of business. In this...

Perspectives – Michael Millette, Hudson Capital Part I

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Michael Millette is the Founder and Managing Partner of Hudson Structured Capital Management Ltd. Before that, he spent 21 years at Goldman Sachs where he was the Global Head of Structured Finance. In the first part of the interview, he...

Perspectives – Lloyd Dixon, RAND Corporation

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In the second of our two part series on terrorism, we spoke to Lloyd Dixon, senior economist at the global policy think tank, RAND. We asked him about the recent changes to the US terrorism insurance legislation, the Terrorism Risk Insurance...

Perspectives – Lixin Zeng CEO, AlphaCat Managers

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A conversation with the head of Validus Group's fund management business. Validus was established in 2005 during the recapitalisation of the reinsurance industry that followed Hurricane Katrina. It has enjoyed considerable success...

Perspectives – Darren Redhead, CEO of Kinesis

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A conversation with the head of Lancashire’s third party capital group The rapid structural changes in the reinsurance market have left many ‘traditional’ reinsurers struggling to adapt. At the end of 2013, Lancashire, a leading...

Perspectives – Ben Fox

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The World Bank

A conversation with Dr. Ben Fox of the World Bank Group, about the Bank’s work to reduce the economic burden of natural disasters The World Bank has led efforts to use innovative financial structures to secure finance for disaster...