An Emergency Preparedness Guide for Homeowners by

One of the most volatile situations can occur when weather changes without warning. The weather can one moment be sunny and clear, and shortly thereafter it can change with heavy rain, wind, lightning and storm conditions. When the weather turns it can create dangerous situations for people that reside in the paths of the storm.

The weather can create dangerous situations with floods, tornadoes, lightning and many other problems. It is important for homeowners and people in general to be aware of these situations and act accordingly. Being properly prepared for natural disasters and emergencies can be the difference of your family being safe. To ensure the safety of those in the path of these emergencies, it is important for families to create plans of evacuation or to be safe during the hazardous events.

To assist in learning more about natural disasters and emergency preparedness, the following resources can be a valuable resource. Please feel free to review the information and share with others who can use help in preparing for these events.