A Guide to Tropical Storm and Hurricane Safety

The weather conditions that we face are generally good with some type of mixture of sun and clouds. For the most part this type of weather can produce either hot, warm or cold conditions, but are usually not dangerous to people if proper precautions are taken. However, the weather conditions can also change quite rapidly and drastically. Weather is very changeable and in a matter of hours it can change from sunshine to severe storms that could produce heavy rain, high winds and could be a dangerous situation for those in the path of he storm.

There are many different types of weather conditions that can cause problems for people. Blizzards and tornadoes are types of storms that can occur and cause potential damage. While there are a number of other dangerous weather situations that can pop up two of the most severe are hurricanes and tropical storms. These are storms that can cause property damage, flooding and if people are not prepared could cause a loss of life.

Both hurricanes and tropical storms originate in tropical areas and are differentiated by severity. Both have heavy winds and rain. However, hurricanes are generally stronger storms with more rain and stronger wind. Regardless of the severity, they both are dangerous and people need to prepare in the event of being in the path of a strong storm.

In the event of hearing that a hurricane or tropical storm is coming to your area, there are a few things to be prepared in order to remain safe. If you find yourself in the path of a major storm the first thing is to make sure you get inside a secure building. Also, securing any doors and windows in advance of the storm may prevent any injury.

Below are some additional information and resources about how to stay safe in the event of having a hurricane or tropical storm hit our area. Please feel free to review this information and share with others that can use it: